Junior & Mini Handicap

The Stragglers and Ranelagh Junior Running Group (SRJRG) Junior and Mini Handicap Series.

The first event for 2024 will be held on Thursday 25th  April. All events  are  at the Stragglers  venue: Bushy Park Sports Club (formerly NPL), Pavilion Road, Queens Road, Teddington TW11 0EL.  

Dates for the Minis' and Juniors' Events:

Thursday25th April

Thursday 16th May

Thursday 13th June -Anniversary Event

Thursday 22nd  June  

Thursday 13th July

Thursday 31st  August

Registration at 7.00 p.m., Minis start at 7.20 p.m., Juniors start at 7.30 p.m.

For information on training for Juniors click TRAINING.

For all the junior and mini handicap results, click RESULTS.

For pictures of Junior Handicap Awards presentation, click PHOTOS.

Runners are allocated a start time depending on their previous performances, with the slower runners starting first. First time runners are given a handicap according to their age (see below).

Rules for participation

In order to take part in the junior handicap, entrants must have a consent and medical form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Consent Form -

ANY CHILDREN TAKING PART IN THE STRAGGLERS AND RANELAGH JUNIOR RUNNING GROUP for the first time in 2023  please fill in the Parental Consent form and either email it to Merran Sell or bring it with you on the first occasion when you attend one of the events
(NB If you have previously filled in a consent form, you do NOT need to fill in a new one).


To  take part in the 2023 SRJRG handicap series  it is urgent and vital for ALL runners to complete the Pre-registration Form, prior to attending the first event of this series, in order to register for the series.  This should be done a.s.a.p  for 2023 so that we have an idea, after a lapse of 2 years, how many runners are likely to be coming, even if you are not sure about attending the first event. 
(NB This only applies to the FIRST SRJRG race of the season. No need to pre-register for subsequent events).

We will  continue to use the same timing and recording system using parkrun barcodes as for the previous seasons.

As in previous years, each runner will have their own unique barcode which they “keep for life”. Paul Sinton-Hewitt and parkrun UK have kindly agreed that SRJRG runners, aged 4 and over,  should use barcodes obtained from parkrun.  

Mini runners  under  4 will be allocated a number by SRJRG to use until they are 4. (By registering with parkrun it doesn’t mean that you have to take part in parkrun, only if you would like to, but we do need your parkrun barcode for the SRGJR series.)

How to register

Runners already registered with parkrun, or if you are under 4, go to step 2 below.  

Runners not yet registered with parkrun, start with step 1

  1. Go to the ‘parkrun registration’ website, click on the icon lower down the page with flags, and continue with the registration form. When you register with parkrun you will be asked to select your ‘home’ parkrun.  If in doubt select Bushy parkrun. Once the runner is registered print off the sheet of barcodes  then return to the Stragglers website and continue with step 2.
  2. Register for the SRJRG handicap by completing the SRJRG On-line Pre-reg Form and clicking submit.
  3. If you would like to purchase a more permanent barcode tag or wristband go to the parkun barcode site.

If runners would like to they  can join the Stragglers (Junior membership £2) when they enter their first race.

Runners should be accompanied by a parent or other nominated responsible adult for each event.

Stragglers and Ranelagh Harriers cannot accept responsibility for children either for personal accident or loss of or damage to property. 

The Running Courses/Tracks

Bushy Sports Club - This is 2 km on the grassed playing field in front of the club house and   will be marked out. After the end of the  laps the runners will cross the finish line and go down the finish funnel in the order in which they crossed the line. Minis run will have their own  course of approximately 500m.

New or inexperienced runners, if they find 2 km a bit far, can run one lap - they will be given a time, but their results will not count towards any individual or team scores.


First Timers

First time runners are given a start time depending on their age.

Minis 4 or 5 and under start at 0 minutes and run just 500 metres.

Age 5-8 start at 5 mins.

Age 9-11 start at 8 mins.

Age 12-14 start at 10 mins.

Age 15+ start at 12 mins. 

Start times

Registration is from 6.50 pm for a 7:20 pm start.

Runners will need to bring their barcodes to each event in order to get a time.


Points are awarded as follows:

In any one season, the first time a competitor runs and completes the course, they score 4 points.

On each successive run, provided they complete the course, they will score a further 4 points, and can score additional points:

For First place, 10 points, 2nd place, 9 points, down to 10th place, 1 point.

For a Year's Best time (YB) or better, 2 points and 0 points for not a year's best.  

These points are accumulated over the 6 races for the overall trophy.

For team scores, all members of the team will score points for their team with additional points for the top 10 scorers (calculated as above).


Results will be posted on the RESULTS pages as soon as possible after each race. They will also be published in the Stragmail. Individual results may be available on the night; team results will be on the website and in the Stragmail.


First timers receive a medal for completing the course, awarded on the night.

In each race medals are awarded to the first boy and first girl (regardless of their overall place), and further medals are awarded to the 2nd and 3rd overall places (whether boys or girls). There are also medals for the fastest girl and fastest boy in each race. 

The overall trophy and shields for first, second and third places,  the team shield and the Achievement trophy, as well as Mini shields for first, second and third places will be presented on  Thursday 5th October at Bushy Park Sports Club.


We require a minimum of 8 marshalls, preferably 10, to assist with the junior handicap and ensure its smooth and safe running. Help from participating clubs would be gratefully received.


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Link to Ranelagh Harriers Juniors: click here                                        


Further information may be obtained from:

Merran Sell – emal

Simon Brazil 020 8943 5407 email

Sue Waters 020 8541 0316


The junior handicap is sponsored by:

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The Cabbage Patch


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Sport Systems specialise in the timing of many local and international events. Find them at www.sportsystems.co.uk.



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The Stragglers and Juniors logos, as well as the 10th Anniversary T-Shirts, 15th Anniversary Back Sacks and the 20th Anniversary Running Bottles have been designed and artworked by DrawTalent.co.uk.

The Stragglers are very grateful for all this support.

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